Saturday, January 19, 2008

I've been TAGGED by Plo

Ok - so I've been tagged by PLO (who I just adore)! So, here it is...

1. Four Jobs That I've Had:
A seafood department clerk at a grocery store Giant Eagle: (first job)
A telephone answer service operator (second job) - yes, I know, me talking all day - hard to believe!
A daycare owner/provider (last job; hardest job, most rewarding job) - just think about all of those CRAZY parents! NONE of which are reading my blog!!! You know who they are!
A marketer for a funky sandwich shop (current job; most favorite of all of them and there are many more not listed)

2. Four Movies I'd Watch Over and Over
Sound of Music
Field of Dreams
Wizard of Oz
Forest Gump

3. Four Places I've Lived
Ft. Lauderdale (born there)
Pittsburgh (most of my life; until 22)
Roselle (when I first moved to IL)
Huntley (where I live now)

4. Four Fav Foods
Wine - yes it is a food; grapes! DUH
Anything w/ Ranch

5. Four People I Email Almost Daily
Lyndsey (my boss)
Book club Gals - at least one of them
that's it on a daily basis! If it were talking on the phone; I'd add Rob, Alec, and Austin

6. Four Places I'd Rather Be
on a cruise ship
on an island
on the beach
floating in a pool of margaritas
(do you see the theme)

7. Four Things I Look Forward To This Year
Winning the LOTTO - BIG
Being with my family and friends

8. Four Folks I'll Tag

9. I've added one: Four Things I Do Every Day
Drink coffee
Say I love you to someone
Have gratitude


Lisa @ Take90West said...

Those answers are so YOU!
Especially about the grapes in Wine being food :)
Thanks for the tag, of course I'll play along!

PLO said...

You are so sweet. Apparantly, you and I need to go on a cruise somewhere warm together, drink a lot of wine, food with ranch and watch The Sound Of Music. Love ya!

Kris Tex said...

One of the Mom's from your daycare is reading your blog....busted. Yes, we are crazy but aren't we all?!

PLO said...

Hello? Are you there? At least your Mother In Law isn't reading your blog.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Maybe you should change the title of this blog to 'I am busy and may never post again!'

Where are you??? ;)