Saturday, March 22, 2008

Discovering my EGO

Well it has been so long since I have been on my blog.

Before, I think I was writing for the audience. Well, let me back up a bit, at first I thought that I WOULD write for me, then I got some attention from others and felt that I should write to entertain or inspire others (including myself); which I still hope that my words and thoughts will do, however, I write for my soul to have a place to live outside of the realm of my body.

So I am reading, A New Earth, by Ekhart Tolle. (I'm writing for others here) His book is Oprah's book club selection and she is doing a web class each week (if you haven't been reading it - you still can and watch each week/chapter and enjoy it). Anyway the book is amazing. It is a spiritual book; intense, thought provoking, along with life changing but you have to be ready for it; open to it. It talks a lot of the ego (our ego) and my point is that I was writing for my ego to be heard, not necessarily for my soul to have a place. So from hear on out, I write so that my thoughts and feelings have a place outside of me. Somewhere that I can come back to and reflect, perhaps share w/ my kids and Rob.

So I say to all that have given me encouragement and yourselves, please feel free to continue coming here and sharing your thoughts as I adore this place of friendship, connection, and support for all of the obvious reasons and feel honored and blessed for those relationships.

I am just searching and exploring and looking and most of all discovering!
What a lovely time in my life.

~ Col


PLO said...

I am delighted to see you have posted again, OH have A LOT to say...and there are some of us that need to hear it...please keep up...write for YOURSELF and we will come.

Jul said...

I agree 1000%... post for you not the entertainment of others. I have a few things to post to capture a few moments in the girls lives recently but I just don't have it written in my mind yet to post about. I don't want the pressure to post just to do it. Although I have a few internet readers who I know purely by reading their blog and vice versa on occasion, and while I think they are cool people, I don't need their affirmation of my life events via posts. I have real life friends for that. So I blog about things I want to have available in the years ahead when my girls can read and appreciate them :)

You post such wonderful, thought provoking words :)

Love you!!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

A new post! I about fell over when I saw you in my Google reader.

I write for me too...whatever I'm thinking comes spilling out. And I love going back and reading my old makes me happy to have a record of my thoughts from the past. If I have to think too much about something to write than I just skip it for the day, because then I know I'm worrying about getting something down for the readers and not for myself. That being said, I do love my readers and feel honored that they take the time to read and comment...sometimes the best part of the blog is in the comments.

Kris Tex said...


I am so thrilled for you. This is a great thing to realize and hope that it continues to be a great release of your "ego-less" mind. What a great discovery. I am glad we can share this together.