Saturday, January 5, 2008

Just as I am

Today I read an article in Body and Soul Magazine; an article on overcoming shyness. Well, those of you who personally know me, might wonder, "what the hell do you need to overcome shyness for?" Well, you are right; I have no trouble with shyness, however the article did mention a concept that I am going to adopt for myself and apply it in other areas of how I care for myself emotionally as I am the only one who can.

The article advised trying to observe negative self talk or so called short comings (I'm shy, I wish I were more talk-a-tive, I wish I were funny) with a little compassion. "By bringing loving attention to the very moments you wish you were different, you will eventually free yourself to actually be different."

Interesting; don't you think?

I'm constantly saying I wish I were more confident in public speaking (for work), or wish I could be more courageous and dance like I do alone in the basement (hint on that story), or I wish I weren't so talkative and less interrupting when others are talking or I wish I were thinner.

But instead of focusing on those things that I wish I were or weren't, I am going to love myself more compassionately, celebrating the wonderfulness of me, just as I am. (at least for this moment)

Yes, I know; lets get real. We all know, sooner or later, I'll fret over ALL of the areas that I want to improve, things I want to learn and do, fears I want to overcome, but for right now, today, in this very moment, I will just accept me just as I am! Grateful for all that I am.

May you love yourself with compassion and kindness;
having gratitude for yourself as you are.
~ Col


Social Skills said...

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Jul said...

Great post Col! You are a natural!

PLO said...

I don't get it. Am I missing something? I must really need help.

Kris Tex said...

I am going to try it out myself and see what happens. Self improvement is the hardest skill to master. I always say there are peaks and valleys but never black holes. I try to stay out of those black holes. Great info.