Sunday, January 13, 2008

Who the Hell Has Time to Blog?

It has been a crazy week for me at work and I haven't had anytime to sit, let alone contemplate anything beyond, I have to pee, I need another cup of coffee, do the kids have clean cloths, do I have clean cloths, what time does the train get in, do I have everything I need before I leave the house, Alec has pictures at WHAT time, and now it is Sunday and I haven't given my little soul any love. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying my work, dabbling in some new things which actually is stretching my creativity and my motivational skills but I feel very drained and my soul is craving some me time.

What is me time; hmmmm, well that all depends on the day, time and my mood. It could be a half hour in the basement, dancing. It could mean sitting with a favorite book (by the way I am reading Pillars of the Earth, only just under 1000 pages; my bookclub gals didn't want to undertake such a large book but I'm going to give it a shot). Okay, so back to what is me time; It could mean sitting with my photos and scrapbooking. It could be sitting with a stack of magazines that I have and doing some old fashion scrapbooking. I've been saving all kinds of magazines and I've been wanting to go back through them and make a collage of different images, articles, and phrases. Why? I just feel like my soul is asking to do it; I also think it is a neat way to see what things you are attracted to. It usually tells a story about ourselves. Basically it simply feels like something I want to do. I have also been wanting to submit a short essay about my experience in the basement. That experience wont find its way here in the blog world until I've submitted it to someone real; have no idea where and how, so if anyone reading has any suggestions as to where I could submit an essay to see if I can get it published, I am open to anything. Well almost anything.

Wow...that was some seriously rambling, but, now that I got all of that off of my chest, I kinda feel better. Whew.

I guess my questions is this: How do we work; be successful at that and find time for all of the other things that we need and love; family, friends, caring for ourselves and caring for our love relationships which in my case is my hubby, Rob. All of those people and things needs our care, attention, love, and patience, including our work. (oh dear, I totally forgot to mention, cleaning the house, laundry, grocery shopping, paying bills, homework, caring for the pets)

I wish I had the answer and I guess in part I think I do, balance. It is just that some days, weeks or even months, balance isn't an option. One element of our lives needs more care, attention and love. For me, I have a few of those HIGH NEED areas right now and balance doesn't seem to be as easily obtained as I would like. I suppose I will take one day at a time, do my best, live with my heart leading the way, and keep my sense of humor; so that when I forgot to wash the boys gym uniforms, pay a bill, pick up milk for breakfast, make that doctors appointment, I will be kind to myself and try to laugh. Seriously, what else can I do? :)

So as I wrap up the day wishing my soul a little more love, I do give many thanks for all that the day has given me; love from the boys (I love spending time with them) time with Rob (thanks for helping me with my presentation), a short but good workout, blogging, some chores got done (I have clean cloths for tomorrow and so does everyone else in the house) and last but not least, this place. I still am wrapping my head around it; the blogging world that is, but I have a feeling I am really going to enjoy my time spent here and so will my soul!

~ Col


Jul said...

You are a natural at blogging because you have so many insightful and fun things to blog about :) The balancing act of life - I have yet to find the right shoes to walk the tight rope and get to the other side :)

PLO said...

Girlfriend, obviously you just did do something for yourself, you found a bit of me time, and lucky for us, we got to be in on it.