Sunday, May 25, 2008


What the hell is Wife-hood?

I'm not sure but when I just sat down and starting typing, remembering thoughts that woke me out of a sleep at 3am last night, is just what hit the keys.

Being a wife, having a partnership, being married, having a true best friend is something that I absolutely cherish. So why is it that Rob is the one that I can be the meanest too or the shortest with, or the craziest with, the ugliest with, temperamental, irrational with, and so many "not" so pretty the "real" me (s)?

I'm not sure but what I do know is that he still loves me! He also likes the, the laugh out loud-nose snorting me, the really bad jokes, but still so flipping funny me, and cry for no reason (oh THERE is a reason) me, the my family is crazy and has made me this way me, and the ever so changing trying to improve myself me.

Wholly cow; I'm loved from the truest place of unconditional love. (right now - I am smiling with tears) :)

Over the years, almost 15, I've wasted a lot of time being insecure and doubtful of Rob. So sad. But, as time continues to do its thing, I am doing mine; learning, loving, and growing. Rob too.

The most fabulous part is that I get to spend each day with "that guy"; my guy. (smiling)

~ Me.


Jul said...

Great post- Yep, the unconditional love and partnership is how we make it 15 years. The good - the bad- and the ugly...

PLO said...

There is nothing more precious than that...cherish it!

Kris Tex said...

Rob must be smiling! That's what its all about and hope for many more years for you and Rob.