Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pittsburgh for Mother's Day Weekend

Me and my mom, Ann Marie

Being a mom is such a wonderful thing for me and I am sure for most of the other mothers out there; but until this year I haven't spent it with my mom in a very long time. We've had a rocky relationship our whole lives. It wasn't until recently that I decided it was time that I live in the present, not the past or even the future but seriously in the NOW. I also have been trying NOT to have any expectations of anyone; simply just enjoying them for who they are today. I'm not always good at it or successful but I am working on it, today. So with that new perspective, I felt pretty strong about going home and seeing my mom. I wanted to spend some time with my sister too as she recently has been going through a tough separation with her husband and I wanted to make sure she had some "mother's day sunshine" this weekend.

I had the nicest time visiting with my niece, two nephews, my sister, briefly with my two bothers, and my Mom on Friday and Saturday; I flew home Sunday so that I could spend the day with my boys and Rob.

Here are some fun photos of our time together; my favorites are the ones of me and Jen laughing! :)

Me and Eric, being animals for the photographer!

My sister Jen w/ her kids, Olivia and Michael

The kids giving me their CRAZY faces!

Mom, me and Jen

Me and Micheal at Pizza Hut! I think the waitress
had a crush on him! Eric said she was a stalker!

Something is funny????

and gets a little funnier...

until....pee-ing in our pants funny!

We laughed,

we cried,

and we even argued;

but, what would a visit home be without all of that?

What a great way to kick off Mother's Day.

I flew back this morning and have been loafing

with the boys. Alec and I just caught up on some ER.

I've read, took a nap and just got up.

Next its pizza from Lou's w/ the family and some nice wine; perfect.

Life just doesn't get any better than that.

I have so much to be grateful for; thank you!



great week

Jul said...

So ironic- I started off 2008 with deciding to know people without expectations but also not trying to be the initiator all the time with new and old friendships.. to see what happens naturally...less stress..less likely to be disappointed.. you get a good vibe though for where your good relationships are... I would say I am definitely happier as a result.
I'm so glad you went for the visit and had such a nice Mother's Day.
We had Lou's for dinner too!!


PLO said...

I am so glad you got to do this, I would have given anything to spend Mother's Day with my Mommy and Sissy. Good for you for turning the other cheek.

Kris Tex said...

What a nice way to spend Mothers Day. You have some great moments shared on film! I hope those shots go into your "Me" scrapbook. I didn't have such a great Mother's Day but was glad to be with the two guys I love!