Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kinda Sad

In this moment I feel sad. I think I know why, but I'd rather not say (but of course I'll blog) as I don't want to think that "that" is still bothering me; but, I kinda feel like it is and really wish it wasn't. I wont beat myself up over it; no - I'll just allow the feeling to linger here for a bit, acknowledge it, and then watch it float by as I know it will. The weird joy of it is that I don't need to talk about it, pick it apart, or share it verbally; I just need to allow it. Kinda like when you are meditating and thoughts float into your mind and you are trying to clear your mind; allowing them to float in and out without resistance or attention. Like that. Part of me wishes I wasn't sad but I am and that is just okay.


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Blogging is good therapy! Kisses and hugs to you...lets get together soon...I am sorry I wasn't home this weekend to party with you!