Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mushy, Joy, Gratitude

I have no idea what it is that I want to say right now but I'm feeling a bit mushy!
Perhaps its PMS, perhaps it is the fact that my son had his very last baby tooth pulled today and has a long hair growing under his armpit, perhaps it is the overwhelming feeling of joy that I have with my family; although it is always crazy with a son who has ADHD and presents us with daily challenges (and amazing joy), a house on the market that I wish wasn't, more financial crap than I want to acknowledge, a totally dysfunctional family (in Pittsburgh) BUT it all brings me such joy.
Austin's lovely smile, laugh, and total stubbornness; he is doing so great in school and just finished track. I just love being with him. I am also so proud of him.
Anthony, my step son, who is such a gentle kind kid who is growing into this handsome young man. He called me on Mother's Day to wish me a nice day. :) He is so fun to be around, he's smart and kind and has this contagious laugh that when I hear it across the house, I smile (and giggle).
My Alec who has an amazing soul and smile; he cares so much about how others feel, even though it might not always seem like it by his behavior, but he truly does and it melts my heart.
The three dogs; Max (my grouch, who really wants to be loved, of course in his time), Zoey (the personal space invader), and our newest addition, Bella (who is such a tool; so fun to watch)...
and lastly my dear Rob. It's almost 15 years of marriage and I've been learning so many new wonderful pieces about him that just makes my heart warm. Life gets busy and you can easily get in a rut; but, you must take time to slow it down, breath, and just let life happen and enjoy the wonders that are hidden just under the surface of all the chaos.
Ask questions, listen, and enjoy what you hear.
I am blessed; I am thankful.

~ me.


Jul said...

You and your family are fabulous and you are right to feel all mushy about it!

PLO said...

What a fantastic picture of your boys! Each one of them is so unique and special in their own know one of them has a very special place in my heart...but they are all little kings. I don't want you to move, I wish I was a millionare and could share it with you, but most of all I wish I had a bite of your are a unique and wonderful individual...and I am blessed to know you...xoxo

Anonymous said...

your mushiness wore off on me. I cried. You and your family are fantastic people. I'm so glad we all became such good friends. Being around you and the ladies of book club really taught me about friendship. Near and far I know when I need you guys you are always here for me to vent or cry too. Thanks for being FABULOUS.