Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gratitude in folding towels?

Today there is so much to be thankful for: (its only 9am)
simple pleasures that are here each and everyday

rob is loving, tender and touches just right....aahhh
sun shines
kids laugh
new music
old friends
java just right
laundry going (what?)
who knew you could find gratitude in laundry;
folding the towels, neatly in a pile
for the boys to dry off their growing bodies and prepare them for their day
a comfort provided by me in ways they'll really never "get"
it puts a warm smile in my heart
finding pleasure in the daily chores that must get done
enjoying the process; being present
not easy; yet, very rewarding

this is what I hope for...patience, presence and time to ponder

when this happens ~ life is so good


Jul said...

Wonderfully put-as usual! I was just thinking this evening that I am all caught up with laundry after 3weeks of sickness ping ponging around, lots of softball and parties and sleepovers- it felt so good to be caught up and all the towels put away! At least for tonight.

Jul said...

I adore this picture of you! ADORE!!!!

PLO said...

Life is good. I am grateful that my weekend included: crafting with two of my dearest friends, and getting tattooed with two of my dearest friends.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Great post, Col! I need to work on enjoying the things I have to do for my family, rather than dreading them.