Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lend your arm...

After I landed at the Detroit Airport last week, I proceeded to the Ground Transportation Area. As I approached the escalator, there was an older couple in front of me. They slowed down and became very cautious of the escalator. The old woman, shaking, stepped onto the escalator. I seriously thought she might fall over and go head first down as her footing was not firm. Her elderly male companion, came to a halt and wouldn’t get on it. I could tell he was frightened, so I offered him my arm. He hesitated, but after I let go of my roll-away, he took my arm and together we got on the escalator.

I thought for sure that after I got him on the first step, I could jump back and grab my bag...OH NO, he held on to me for dear life and I turned around in a bit of a panic, leaving my bag behind. As I turned back, another business traveler, smiled and said, “I got it”!

The older man and I rode the escalator down to the next floor where we were greeted by his wife who mouthed “thank you!”. We all smiled at each other, including the business traveler, bringing up the rear along with my bag.

It’s in these moments that remind me how easy it is to make someone feel safe and seen. Kindness, service, attentiveness…you can call it whatever you like; but whatever you call it, do it. Not only for the person who needs it, but also for yourself, who like me, needed it way more than the older gentleman.

Lend someone your arm today; It will make you both feel “really good”.

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plo said...

OH Col, that is a lovely story! I can sure picture you doing that!