Sunday, September 26, 2010

10288 Fleetwood Street

What an amazing 8 years.

I cried so hard when I left our crappy old apartment in Glendale Heights 11 years ago (which I just hated and DIDN'T know/have nice neighbors); God only knows what will happen today.

I love my new house and know that lots of wonderful new things are around each corner…but this house holds so many memories; lots of good, some bad, some UGLY and so many AMAZING. Rob and I (and the boys) have shared so much in this house; so many first for the boys; puppies, girls, driving, kisses (girls again) and a few other first that I WONT post here. If the walls could talk…

Living here in this community has changed me. I couldn't be blessed more so. The folks in this community are truly special.

Who knew when Rob and I decided to buy our first home that we’d find such a special place to raise our boys and be as a family? Throughout the last 8 years we’ve become part of a community that I don’t hear others talk about having. It cared for a family that lost their home to a tragic fire. It was loved by a child; a hero who we were all blessed to know, who lost his life to that bad word, Cancer. It’s the place that I have called home, surround by an amazing group of friends; where anything can happen from, Toga Parties, Dance Your Ass off Parties, or impromptu driveway get-togethers.

My immediate neighbors, the Bartlett, the Lawler’s, and the Wall family have saved my house from a burning grill (thanks Steve, still can’t believe you took the fence!), fixed countless items in my house (thanks Tom; you are my “stand in hubby”) and cared for injured children, (thanks Larry) and that is just the men. The women, well, I can’t say enough (b/c the tears are affecting my ability to type). You know how much I love you and how much you mean to me so I’ll leave that alone for now. Just know you might find me sitting on the porch with a glass of vino in hand!

Knowing that you are surrounded by people who are good, who care about you and who you can count on, is a gift. To me, my neighbors (both next door and up the street, have been so much more to me than just my neighbors, they are my friends. Thank you for being my “neighbors”; as Fred Rogers said, “I’ve always wanted a neighbor just like you”.

10288 Fleetwood Street – The Madeya Family


Shelia said...

Col, you are the greatest and I know that moving on is had, but just imagine the new surprises and gifts that you have waiting for you around your new corners. That community is a big part of your past and is now going to be the vision of your future in your new home. The best of wishes for you and may your new home be more than your wildest dream. A home that your kids can bring your grandkids home to and new memories can be shared.

Shelia said...

I meant mmoving on is sad. not had. :) tried to edit and I did not have the option. sorry.

plo said...

Oh COl, I know for sure how hard it is to leave the hood! There is NOWHERE like Heritage, no neighbors like the ones there, no commradorie like I have found there...but your neighbors/friends aren't going anywhere...and don't care where you live! xoxo

Colin said...

Colleen and Rob, this is not the end of your tenure in this 'hood. You have left your mark here and I am positive we will all be hanging around for years to come, it'll just take a little more gas... yeah and have us all over to your new pad too! I am sorry that I couldn't help you move, but from what I here, my gimpy butt probably wasn't needed. Very nice blog by the way! See you around again soon :)