Thursday, December 31, 2009

Col's Weight Lose & Raise Money for Carter Kettner Fundraiser

As 2010 is just around the corner, I think about what my health goals are for the New Year along with reflection for 2009.

One of the greatest gifts that I received in 2009 was from the Kettner Family. I know that sounds crazy considering all that they have been through; however, through them and those that love and support them, I’ve grown as a person, witnessed beauty, HOPE, kindness, and so many other wonderful human spirit attributes. I’ve seen amazing things through them and have met some incredible folks.

So, I thought…how can I turn my fitness goals into a fun way to support the Kettners?

Well, here it is…I ask you to pledge a dollar amount for each pound that I lose.

· My goal:
· To lose 33lbs. You can do the math and make your pledge.

· Timing:
· Today through March 31st.

I’ll report to the group, every other week of my progress and a sponsor update.

On March 31st, I’ll email everyone a final report and ask that you log onto Carter’s Website Page and make the donation straight to The Carter Kettner Fund and emailing me your confirmation form. If you would rather mail a check to me, (made out to Carter) that will work too!

It is only 13 weeks so the likelihood of me losing the whole 30 is pretty unrealistic; I’m thinking (and HOPE-ing) I’ll lose 15 or so.

So, I ask you to help me stay motivated in my fitness/weight loss goals and together we can help raise some moola for the most fantastic 6 year old super hero, Carter Kettner.

For those of you who don’t know his story …visit – once you read it, you’ll not soon forget it.

Two last things:
Please share this with all of your friends so that we can get many folks on board to help Carter!
If weight loss is a goal for you, join me in this fundraiser!

With love, (and too much caboose!)

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