Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Roller Coaster Ride about an emotional roller coaster. One minute I'm sad, the next feeling better with gratitude, and today....sad, emotional and slightly upset.

I will say, "I had the nicest talk with my boss today. Thanks Lyndsey! She lifted my spirits without trying, she acted from a place of authenticity, vulnerability, and I am grateful."

Rob and I are having a tiff, (that's what I'm calling it for now), my new big boss has kicked up a few "not so good feelings", and Alec got into some trouble again at school. Plus...we still don't' have any clue as to where we stand on the house. UGGGGG! :)

With all that, I still feel blessed for all that I have and all those I have in my life but, I feel like I could just cry.

Could also be that I've been fighting a flippin cold for two weeks, didn't' get mush sleep last night, but who the heck knows.

In the big scheme of things, I know I'm lucky and loved. What more could a girl ask for on this crazy ride of life?


PLO said...

I know we already talked about this today, but I have to reiterate how close to home this post is. I have noticed over time that this tends to happen to me near a full moon. I should have called you, my gut told me to. Next time I will know better. LOVE YA!

MOTY said...

Hey chick, Sorry you are feeling so low. I hope things are getting better...It has to a little bit. IT's FRIDAY! :) Me and the girls are headed to see Twilight on Sunday afternoon if you are in the mood for some girl time. Around 1:00.