Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crazy thoughts

Okay so this is truly going to be a rambling of thoughts....If I were you, I'd grab a cocktail, glass of wine or a beer before proceeding. Its for your own good! Some is bitching and some if from the heart loving depths of my soul. (I actually started this back at the end of April and am just now getting back to it - some items are a little dated)

First - AT&T: (bitching)

Rob and I have been working on lowering our overall cost. So, we started with Eating Out; which we do (did) way too much and our Home Phone, Internet, and Cable services. So...we called AT&T to check out their prices based on some feedback that we received from our friends. After speaking to a lovely sales person we realized we could save approximately $100 each month by switching all three services. So...I set it ALL UP with AT&T. ($1200/year savings - woo hoo)

Let me start by telling you I just finished my third glass of FABULOUS Sacred Stone Red Wine(Master's Red Blend) from Vino 100...its a blend of several grapes and will delight you! (this was back in April and today June7th, I'm having the same wine again; its that good!)

I needed to have three glasses to just calm myself after four-days of a flippin debacle with AT&T half ass, under qualified customer service buffoons. (ok, so I'm laughing out loud). Not all of them are half ass, under qualified customer service buffoons, but when I first wrote this, I thought they were.

Anyway...I just about, verbally, ripped a new butt hole from several customer service folks.

I totally felt like I was going to lose part of my mind. Seriously...

They finally got us up and running today and I needed to contact Linksys (my router) to get up up and running with both the home computer and my work laptop. This guy from Linksys, is from INDIA and I love him. I totally invited him over for cocktails but he said that the ocean was going to be a bit of a barrier. We talked (worked) for over an hour but at the end of it all, he got my router, along with my home computer and my laptop intermingling as one happy unit.

dear God...thank you for red wine and my friend of India! LOVE HIM. Ok, so I don't know his name but when I get the survey...I will sing high praises for him over and over.... on to the next topic:

My friends! (heart lovely soul)

I am the luckiest girl on earth. Seriously - I know some amazing women who love me, who support me, who accept me as I am (God - how do you all do that?) and those who are there with me whether that be on a daily basis, or as needed or only through the universe and the ways of the/A higher being....Angelique, Shelly, Cathy, Kristine, Jeannine, Julie Falbo, Julie B., Rose, Paula, Carrie L., Carrie C., Erin, Elizabeth, Jen D., Nadia., Sherry, Leslie B., Lisa S., Kristie, Chris, Julie P., and so many more....You all inspire me to be a better person, inspire me to be more like your best qualities, and are just there to take me as I am. I love each of you for many different reasons and I am so blessed to know each of you! Thank you thank you thank you!

New Friends:

Through some very tragic situations, I have met some amazing people....the Kettners, Brian, Michelle, Traci, Lori, Sarah Couch, all the residents of Huntley that have been supporting the Long Family, the parishioners of St. Mary's and so many others....

I get so emotional when I think of Tom and Chris Jacobs love for the Long Family or Brian and Michelle who extended their love to the Long Family while their little Hero, Carter, continues to fight for his life. Joe and Cinnamon Kettner, who I can't say enough good things about today or EVER...these two humans, exceed my expectation of "humanity" of "loving" of "kindness" of "selflessness" of "genuineness". I must believe that God has his arms wrapped around you both and has you in a loving embrace. I can't think of another reason why you would be able to be who you are. When I doubt my beliefs, which I do no longer...It is because of you both. Thank you for the gifts that you give the rest of us. Thank you for being brave enough to be our teachers and mentors. Thank you both for being our friends, when it is you who needs the friendship. Cinnamon and Joe...I love you both and those you love. My heart, my soul, my prayers are with you every day.

An amazing group of women:

The last few weeks (okay, now longer as this post is old) I've seen six amazing women come together (along with a few hubbies) to do something for a family that they each love in their own way; indirectly or directly. These women, shared a talent or skill to help the greater good; a family who needed their love. We each gave in different ways but our love and intent was equal. The power of community is so much greater than what we can do alone. I am a better person because I know...Rose, Jeannine, Erin, Julie, Lisa, Beata, and Debbie; thank you for giving so much of yourselves, for teaching me, and for being you. I am lucky to know each of you!

Okay...I think that's it for now...oh wait...ROB!

There is not enough time or Internet space for me to write about Rob. Through the ups and down of marriage; the short of it is that he loves me, he gets me and he still likes me. WOW.

drink wine, dance, be happy,


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Jul said...

I am sooo behind on blogs- You are AMAZING and I adore you!!