Monday, January 19, 2009

The Inauguration ~ A day of hope and joy!

As I get ready to go to bed, with a giddy anticipation for tomorrow, I am in awe of what our country is about to embark on and I am moved by the joy that I've heard others speak to as they are witnesses to this historical presidential journey. I can't say that I can relate to their hopes for a better tomorrow on a personal level as I haven't experienced their pain, but I can say that I am joyful for their joy, if that makes any sense. My wish for our country is that the spirit of tomorrow (all of its hopes and potential) live in each of our hearts and that we all act from that place so that together, along side this new president, we can help make a difference in the lives of others; a true difference, a difference of the spirit. We will never be here again, not in this same place of hope, not in the same way; let us be grateful for all that tomorrow represents.

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PLO said...

Awww, well said girlfriend. I am thrilled for today. I started thinking about Obama this morning as I got ready for work. I was complaining in my head about having to be up early, and I thought to myself that Obama may not have even slept last night, and that he has to address the WORLD today, and the fact that my tire was flat this morning is NOTHING compared to his job, and what he has lying ahead of him. He is giving us so much, by taking this mess on.