Sunday, August 24, 2008

Okay...I'll post something

So my lovely friends think I have some bloggers blog but that's not really true; it's just that I've been overwhelmed w/ stuff to blog about and you know, kids, work, reading (love that) and other stuff have consumed my time and the time I have left isn't enough for me to give my thoughts a proper place to live.

So I will not be bullied into blogging (just kidding girls) and you will just have to give me some time.

Some topics to come are:
  • The SHACK - love love love that book - read it!!!!!
  • Kids starting school again and summer has gone by with sadness in my heart :( Total mixed feelings!
  • I've lost 11lbs which is great but I think the new eating habits are making me a bitch to my kids! NOT GOOD.
  • I have a new department boss
  • I got some feedback from my direct boss that has me thinking
  • I am a good friend, a good co-worker, a good worker, a good wife, a really good me, but wish I were a better mom.
All in all - life is lovely ~ Col


Anonymous said...

You are fabulous and the Shck was the absolute BEST! Jul :)

PLO said...

for the love of God, quit whining and start posting. I love you and you are a beautiful, wonderful quit buggin'. Where the hell have you been? Your vehicle is never there, and I miss you. URGH!

PLO said...

I love you.